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Ed and Christy Hanna

Ed and Christy have been married for over 17 years and have 4 incredible children. They've been in ministry together for 15+ years, including launching Cru in the Lehigh Valley in 2013. They both grew up in the Lehigh Valley, so they're happy to be back in the area serving with Cru. Ed is currently co-leading the staff team while Christy helps to care for and train the staff women.
Ed love particular college football, and more specifically LSU football. Some might say he's a little too passionate about it! He loves playing games and hanging out with close friends. Ed is passionate about young men and women knowing and experiencing the great love that Jesus has for them. 
Christy loves design, being outdoors, reading, and good conversations over a cup of coffee. She too loves playing games. She is a fantastic mother to their 4 kids and continues to be involved in the ministry.
Ed and Christy are trusting that God will use them to communicate His great love to college students in the Lehigh Valley.  It's a love that has changed them and continues to change their lives every day.

Kyra Dunlap

After graduating from West Chester University and interning with Cru Kyra joined long-term staff on the Lehigh Valley team in 2020. Being involved in a Gospel-centered Cru movement and faithful staff members pouring into her life during college was formative in growing her faith! Based on her experience in college, she felt God calling her to continue to reach college students after graduation by working for Cru. Kyra is now co-leading the staff team with Ed.


Kyra loves cooking, baking, and game nights with friends and her friends describe her as an extroverted introvert. She appreciates a good spreadsheet and taking care of event planning. But her real joy in ministry comes from disciplining women and helping students develop leadership skills. It is her prayer to see lives changed by the Gospel!

Grace Lee

Grace graduated from Lehigh University and has since joined staff with Cru in the Lehigh Valley. While at Lehigh, she had the pleasure of being a part of the leadership team with Cru, which played a significant role in strengthening her faith and love for God. She hopes to use her passion for design and connecting with others to bring college students closer to Christ and each other!


As Lehigh Cru’s first home-grown intern and now staff, she is both honored and humbled that God has called her back to serve the community of students and staff she grew up with and be a testament to the beauty of living a surrendered life for Him. Her prayer is that God would use her as a vessel to move in and through her, according to His perfect will.


During her free time, Grace likes to take pictures of candid moments, travel to new places, spend quality time with friends and family, and eat lots and lots of watermelon!

Joel and Kristina Dunn

Joel and Kristina have been married since October 2017. The pair met at their church in Williamsport, PA where Joel studied at Penn College of Technology. Joel invited Kristina to her first Cru event and she is now serving with Cru
part-time while Joel is volunteering. He has a full-time job in Allentown.

Kristina loves to be outdoors and prefers to be barefoot if possible. She loves to sing, capture moments through video and photography, and learn about different cultures. Joel served in the Marine Corps. He enjoys playing guitar, snowboarding, and exploring new places. The two love to try new foods together and play board games with family and friends as often as possible.  

Joel and Kristina are passionate about caring for college students. They pray the Lord will work through them to share His love, grace, and truth on college campuses. The two have been transformed by His love and desire to share that with others. 

Caden and Kassidy Strause

Caden and Kassidy have been married since November 2018. They met while involved with campus ministry as students at Kutztown University. During the course of their time as students, they both felt an increasing passion to bring the Gospel to college campuses. Not long after they graduated from college, they married and began their pursuit of college ministry through Cru starting as volunteers, then part-time staff and now Caden is full-time while Kassidy volunteers. They are delighted to continue serving at KU, where they met and experienced Christ for the first time.


Caden's inner excitement comes out through his interest in SEO, musical instruments, gaming, and budgeting. He is passionate about theology and seeing young students' lives changed by knowing the love of Jesus. 


Kassidy was raised on ballet, books, and outdoorsy adventure. She has recently explored a new interest in cooking and baking which she loves to pour out on others. Kassidy is currently runs her own wedding photography business, Kassidy Leigh Photography.


It is their hope and desire to see waves of young adults leave the college campus with a firm foundation of the Gospel.

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